How To Get Out of Conversations With Cowokers

Short answer: Be a writer.

Longer answer: One of my coworkers asked me what I was doing this weekend. I told her the absolute truth. I told her that I was working on my novel again and then I went into fairly grim detail of how in my novel the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. I went on to explain how the fire caused the fictitious Chicago Steam Works to catch fire and explode along with the Central Chicago Gasworks to also meet the same fate, further expanding the destruction.  how the entire area of the manmade island between the North Branch Canal and the North Branch of the Chicago River were also consumed in my version of the fire. How because of these, more people were lost in the disaster and how I could really do justice to both what happened historically and what happened in my version of the Great Chicago Fire. How the fire jumped the north branch and continued!

Well, apparently, the fictitious imaginings of a novel writer, when explained with increasing excitement about a tragic event of huge proportions made worse by said imagination, produce horror in those that ask the simple question: What are you doing this weekend? The response I received was well, shocked at best, to be honest. My coworker, who’s eyes had grown quite wide, slowly backed away and never let her eyes leave mine. Although, I’m sure that my excitement over the imaginary happenings might not have helped.

I have come to the conclusion that the only people that would understand me, in this case, are fellow writers. What’s more and the added bonus is if I want to make my hasty escape from an unwanted conversation with anyone whom I really don’t want to be chatting with at that moment, is, to be honest about what in on my mind regarding my writing.

Why? Because only writers understand other writers because we are our own special breed of crazy.



Day (s) 17/18 NaNoWriMo 15

Because someone may have asked- Did I miss Tom’s post yesterday?

Ok, maaaaaybe one person did. Maybe

I am still alive and I am still here. NaNoWriMo has killed me (yet).

So today is the last day of my reading and writing vacation that started 3 PM on the 6th of November. Twelve days and the only thing planned was reading and writing.

Best   Days   Ever.

One of the most interesting aspects of the last two days plus of this break from reality has been the November Witch that has settled in on the Great Lakes area. This is the same kind of storm that  brought about the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. The wind, rain thunder, lightening. What could be better?

But seriously, hurricane winds bring people together. Am I right?

If nothing else the storm has given me ideas for a plot point or subplot to introduce to my novel. That’s certainly worth something.

But just as importantly, I think I have plotted out. at least a little, the climax of my novel. So many notes into the notebook go.

I’d like to hear from my fellow NaNos how your manuscript is progressing.

For now I am off to do some reading.

Words today: 1697

Words total: 33,416



Day 7 NaNoWriMo 15

Back on track!!

Today, I wrote 2028 words for a grand total of 13,024. So I am back on my pace of writing 2000+ words a day. I’m hoping that during my vacation I can pop out a couple of 5000 word days.

I guess it’s all a matter of sticktoitiveness I believe I can be that sticky 😉

Being a pantser, I’ve started with a minor character and not she has become a major ally with my protagonist. She is a captain of an airship, and as it happens, guides him on the next phase of his journey. That and she will probable make a reappearance later in the novel.

But on the other hand, when I get to the revising stage I can see that I have to add some elements. Oh well that’s life in the fast (draft) lane.

Wishing all NaNo participants an awesomely productive weekend.

Huge shout out to Aetherhouse again for her positive words and lots of support for her current novel project, “Paradisa”!



Redefining “Me”

Last Friday I was diagnosed with depression.

I’m Not sure what that means. At least for me.

In the most analytical sense I guess I knew it for some time. I’ve been sleeping poorly, I had been drinking more (although I got that reversed), I’ve lost interest in things that I once really enjoyed (although not in writing for some reason, thankfully) and I’ve had a general feeling of lethargy.

But what I’ve been turning over in my own mind is what that means to me emotionally. The diagnosis doesn’t change anything, really.  All diagnosis did was put a label to what has been bothering me, right? It doesn’t change what I love to do or who I love. It just gives me a starting point.

A starting point to find who I am and where I’m going. One thing’s for sure; writing will be a big part of it.

Anyway, I also wanted to take the time to thank all of you that follow this. It’s nice to know someone is listening. Thanks again.

Peace to you all.

Tonight, I’m Setting Aside Writing For Reading.

That’s right, tonight I am taking a break from doing background work for my NaNoWriMo project to allow time for some reading. I’m at a point where I feel that I really should take a break so that I don’t start to force idea. After all, who wants to read a novel that reads like it’s been forced with story points and characters start to come across as contrived at best,

I think we’ve all read enough of those.

So the choice is between the next Cherie Priest novel in the Clockwork Century series of A Clockwork Orange. And if you are wondering, no, there is no intentional fixation on the word “clockwork”. They just happen to both be on my TBR shelf.

Those two and numerous others like, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, reread Dubliners (I even have a cat named James Joyce), Cherie Priest’s Maplecroft, Sirens of Titan, Breakfast of Champions (I’ve always loved Kurt Vonnegut‘s work), Warlord of the Air, The Alchemy of the Stone… OK, I think you’re probably getting the picture. My tastes range all over the map.

I guess I can thank, or blame, my dad for always encouraging me to read almost anything and everything.

What does anyone else have on their To Be Read list?

Course Change Ahead!

So I’ve shelved another novel idea for what I think is a better one.

I’m going to embrace the whole steampunk idea and couple it with alternative history from America’s late industrial revolution period. I’m also entertaining the idea of incorporating real people from history but changing their histories to fit the story line. Funny what happens what happens when one gets bored at work.

But again I ask myself the question, “How much of myself, my own ideology do I include?”

I don’t want to turn off potential readers, after all.

But then again, it the story is very well written, and authorial message will be subtle and perhaps not even noticed on a conscious level. The story will still be enjoyed by the reader. Vonnegiut was a master of that.

So here I go headed in a new direction. I just hope I have enough background ready by the start of NaNoWriMo.

On The Importance Of Notebooks…

…at least for me.

I come up with some pretty kickin’ ideas sometimes. Plot ideas/ twists, characters and their foibles, settings and the details thereof; all-in-all some pretty solid, workable ideas. Then I write them down- immediately, either in the pocket notebook I habitually carry with me or on any nearby piece of paper that I deem as “scrap.”

“Sorry, Mr. Supervisor, I didn’t realize that THOSE were my written instructions for this job. But you see, I had this idea for the book I’m writing and if i didn’t get it down on paper…

“,,,yes, I’ll print up another copy right away.”

For you see, I have a problem. It is called “ADOS”

Attention Deficit- Oooo Shiny!

It’s why I keep a little notebook with me at all times. In case you are wondering, I sometimes DO write out notes on job paperwork. Hey, it has a blank side!

From there it usually goes into my pocket notebook or my reporters’ notebook and into the project notebook. These are real gems with hard covers and spaced lines. they might be hard to come across but they are the best when compiling ideas for a novel. Or at least keeping them within ninety pages of one another. Yes, I do realize that this system is not very efficient due to the multiple times of rewriting the same notes/ ideas/  scribbles but it is a system (in a loose sense of the word).

Since when were creative types shackled by “systems’ anyway? *defiantly crosses arms- humph!*

So I want to ask the readers of this piece, “How do you hold on to and organize idea?” I can’t be the only person that has five or six notebooks and a folder stuffed with ideas for an ongoing project.

Seriously, am I the only one?