Old New Old Beginnings

I have been working on this steampunk novel idea for about a year and a half now.

The only conclusion that I have been able to make is this:

“Great Idea; poor execution, Tom. Best try again.”

I love the characters, a good number of the plot points but there was something out of place. I decided that it was in the execution: I was going to shelve the idea of an alternative history and go balls-to-the-wall,  madcap, all-in, steampunk adventure; with some ideas taken from current events but for the most part out of my own little Attention Deficit Disorder brain. And why not? This is my own little world; Right?

So this whole issue stems from a mental/ creative log-jam that I’ve created for myself. Specifically, not giving myself permission to be imaginative ENOUGH. That is to say, Selling myself short in my creativity: “Would I REALLY be madcap enough to develop places no one will visit, people that will never be born, in places that don’t exist?”

Answer: “You’ll never know if you don’t try; Nothing ventured, nothing gained;…”

Aw, screw the cliches :


I want to tell a story and dammit, I want to tell my story. I think it’s a damn good story. I think there is a story here that a few people might read. Hell, maybe enjoy. But I can’t let myself be hemmed in by what a few people that haven’t even read ten words of it tell me. And that includes those that until this point, I’ve thought were closest to me.

I WILL NOT, let those who never venture anything of theirs decide for me what I can’t and, far more importantly, CAN venture of my own. From now on, it’s me and those that support me, and those elements that I create (because who in their right mind would not support their creator?) together, amiright?

Peace, all.

2 thoughts on “Old New Old Beginnings

  1. *slow clap*
    Right there with you. I started writing my current project in 2013 and I’m working on my second round of edits finally. I’ve had some helpful feedback and some not so much. It’s a pain but you gotta keep pushing!

    Once you’re done with edits, I’d be happy to beta for you 🙂

    • Thanks so much. I will be taking you up on the offer. I have had the hell week from my “real” job as a machine operator where I work. Including being asked twice, “So, is your book worth reading?”

      “No, I’m intentionally writing it poorly so that no one will want to read it.”

      So after all that joy, I went home and spent four hours researching the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 so that I could get a plot point historically correct in a steampunk novel. phew! Good thing writing is easy, no?

      So, same offer back at cha! If you’re looking for betas…

      Lemme know!

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