My mind is stuck in a bad place

Entertaining Stories

I was going to produce some more of my craziness tonight to talk about my writing. Maybe Lisa could have tea with the caveman character that mentor’s yak guy through part of his journey.

Something happened that keeps my mind focused on other things. Most of you seemed to like a post I wrote on December 12, 2015. This was a story about a guardian angel with a mild Christmas bent. You can review it here, if you’re so inclined.

Take a look at this diaper bag.


It looks to be in good repair, none of the stitching is loose. It looks like a brand new bag to me. Someone bought it in anticipation of a new baby. The police found it alongside the street in Twin Falls, Idaho, on December 31st. It contained a dead newborn girl.

You can read the news article here, if you like.

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