Took a Spill at Work Today

Not a great day at my job that supports my writing habit.

I took a spill in one of our robot cells and the results were… unkind.

Bruised elbow, two bruised ribs, and a nasty looking divot and scrape on a leg. But for the most part, I seem fully functional.

OK, maybe not the elbow. I was a difficult time washing my hair in the shower after work.

Oh, well. I could have been much worse. It was my non-dominant hand and my legs are working just fine.

I guess the point of this exercise is, we should be grateful for the health we have (both physical and mental). 🙂

I am back at working on my first draft at Requiem, but it might be fewer words than I wanted to accomplish tonight. I have to be back at work at 5 am. *sigh*

Who knows? Maybe this can be fodder for a future writing idea.

And then tomorrow’s another day.



4 thoughts on “Took a Spill at Work Today

  1. Oh dear! Be careful out there. Manufacturing is dangerous business. I work in an industrial plant site with multiple companies and the company next door to ours actually had a fatality last week. Really shook everyone up. The holidays are notorious for recordables too – probably just the nature of distraction, things slowing down, etc. Our last two recordables were both in mid-December.

    Hoping you feel better and your writing still comes along. Ice packs are your friend 🙂

    • Thanks, Michelle. I really appreciate the concern. I’m doing OK. Moving a little slowly but I’m having no issues breathing, soI am pretty sure my injury isn’t serious.

      And for my writing, I am coming off of my week long break from it.Thought I would take a break so I could get back to the project with a fresh perspective.

      I need to write an ending that will allow for at least another book. I didn’t get everthing I wanted into one story.

      So it goes. 🙂

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