Day 29 NaNoWriMo 15

So today I did it.

I finished my 50K words, but not my novel. But that’s all to the good too because it keeps me writing beyond November 30th. Right?

So, admittedly I have been thinking about what comes next, meaning what comes after I finish the novel and move on to the first rewrite. And by THAT, I mean How am I going to attack this monster piece of the novel puzzle?

Since my problem leans toward underwriting rather than overwriting, the next step will be to work on the thin parts od the manuscript. That will mostly be in the form of reinforcing descriptions and rounding them out.

After that, I will be going through and looking for plot holes, character issues, etc…

So I guess what I am thinking now is that writing the book just might be the easy part and it just keeps getting harder from here.

At least now that I will be writing less than 1,700 words a day, I’ll be able to get back to my reading.

Words today: 1952

Words total: 50,083




4 thoughts on “Day 29 NaNoWriMo 15

  1. WOOHOO! You rock! I usually have the same issue, of my novel not actually being done at 50,000 words. And then I find December a very difficult time to continue due to burnout and the holidays.

    So don’t be afraid to give it a small rest and return full force in January, if you think you’d be able to rev up the steam. Paradisa was written 70k words in November and then the other 25k the following January. But don’t let me discourage you from finishing it this month if that’s the plan – you do you 😀

    And yes, the first draft is definitely the easy part 😉

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