Day(s) 25/26 NaNoWriMo 15

So, yesterday, I didn’t do to well at the writing thing. I pecked out about 800 words and that was about all, for the writing thing.

But thanks again to some awesome advice from AetherHouse, yesterday I took the time to go step by step through the combat scene. something that she calls blocking the scene.

Maybe she should be a director?

Anywho… I scratched out a bunch of notes yesterday, wanting to create a scene that made an impact both in the writing and in the images the writing created.

So that brings me to today…

Wow, what a productive and very rewarding day. I managed to get the whole scene blocked yesterday and  today I wrote out about half of the climax scene and will finish that scene tomorrow.

So without giving away too much, this scene involves some aerial combat between two steam powered airships. This scene would be exceptionally difficult to write off the top of my head, especially in three dimensions . Like I was trying to do. But by blocking it through notes the process became hella easier.

So to wrap this up because I am a little tired.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American NaNo friends and have a happy and safe weekend all.

Words today: 3286

Words total: 45,107



One thought on “Day(s) 25/26 NaNoWriMo 15

  1. I am so glad my advice served you well. I know outlining is kind of unnatural for pantsers, but sometimes it’s important to wrap your head around a scene spatially.

    As for me and directing….heh. I’m not good with actors. I’ll happily be a producer though! Maybe one day~

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