Day 24 NaNoWriMo 15

Holy jumping party cats, what a difference a day makes!

I finally passed forty thousand words today!!

And the realization that I was getting bogged down by one scene.

So with that realization, I decided to skip the offending scene for the time being and jump right into the scene that will set up the climax.

In all actuality, it wasn’t that far of a jump.

But for myself, it was a huge breakthrough. tonight after fighting to get through the scene that transitions from the second act the third act was just what I needed. I fought this scene for what I realize now was far too long. once I made the jump to the third act, I found that I had written over fifteen hundred words in a little more than an hour.

And most importantly I like what I wrote. And that is the important part,

So the climax is going to be aerial combat between two steam-powered airships. And an ethically ambiguous decision by the protagonist’s captain that he has to react to.

Don’t judge me, this is steampunk at its finest!

Don’t we all love those times when things just seem to fall together in our writing.

I am really in the home stretch now.

Words today: 1533

Words total: 41,111




One thought on “Day 24 NaNoWriMo 15

  1. That climax sounds awesome! And cheers for pushing through the slump.

    I know you’re a pantser, but usually when I get stuck on a scene, I get out a piece of paper and make a list of all I want to happen in it. Dialogue, beat-by-beat action – I sort of “block” it like a director would. It helps me push through that wall and get my thoughts organized. Most of the scenes I get stuck on are action/battle scenes and getting the individual fight moves and stuff listed and on paper makes it so much easier. Not sure if that would have helped you here, but it might help during your aerial battle 🙂 Or, you could just skip it, which is just as valid an option. If you feel like ONE scene is holding you back from the rest of the book, no use spinning your wheels on it.

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