Day 22 NaNoWriMo 15

Does anyone else have problems transitioning into the third act?

The reasonI ask this is because I really am two-thirds of the way through my narrative and I seem to be having some trouble moving from my protagonist identifying his problem and taking the initiative of resolving it,

What am I supposed to do as a pantser, who is trying to come up with the evolution of my protagonist to the conclusion on the second act and moving into the third act?

Oh well, after all I fly my the seat of my pants.

Imsure it will all work out by the end of NaNoWriMo..


2 thoughts on “Day 22 NaNoWriMo 15

  1. I always struggle with middles, personally. I always have the intro and the climax vividly imagined in my mind. Thus, I find the transition from second act to third one of the most pleasurable things to write, because it means the exciting stuff can finally all come together!

    Thus, the only advice I know how to give on this part of your story is: 1) the best climaxes are the ones where your emotional plotline reaches a peak at the same time as your physical plotline. And 2) At this doorway of no return you are entering, your heroes should be at their lowest. The stakes should be at their highest. The best transitions come right after a very monumental failure on the heroes’ part – think a character death, a character getting captured, losing a major battle in the war, etc. In my own story, one half of my heroes are dealing with the sudden assassination of their General during a battle, while the other half is dealing with a character being kidnapped by the enemy. Both parties are pushed into the same general location to resolve both of these arcs.

    So I guess that’s another thing to keep in mind – set it up so that everyone is headed towards the same place at the end. Your good guys, your bad guys, your side characters, etc. They should all be hurtling towards the same precipice where an emotional and physical showdown may occur. If you’re more worried about how to get your character to realistically behave in a way that would get him into act III, I would save that for revision. My characters do plenty of senseless/random/plot-mandated things in the first draft. With revision, you will be able to round him out and make his actions sensible.

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