Day 19 NaNoWriMo 15

It was another one of those days; no inspiration, no motivation. It was one of those days where you force yourself to write. I know that what I’m writing isn’t any good but…

… I’m hoping what I’ve gotten onto the page inspires/prompts/provokes something better later.

I’m glad I got something down, but, like anyone in this situation, I just wish it was better.

And I can’t see that forcing myself to write at this time will do me any favors. I will just have to take my licks and get back in the saddle tomorrow.

I don’t want to admit it, but I really disappointed myself tonight. I’m sure every writer feels this way when he or she hits a wall, but there is that nagging little voice that asks: Have I run out of ideas forever?

I want to tell that voice, “If I buy you a pizza and a pitcher of beer, will you go away?”

Hope all my fellow NaNo’s are moving right along with their projects.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is better,

Words today: 1011

Words total: 34,427



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