Day 16 NaNoWriMo 15

It’s been one of those day’s. No, not in a bad sense of the phrase, but rather this has been one of those self-refective days.

I keep coming back to Stephen King’s notion that if a person wants to be a writer the best thing one can do is…

Read and write for to six hours a day.

This sounds like a huge sacrifice to many I am willing to bet. For me, it just becomes a question of what am I willing to give up versus what am I willing to gain?

Yes I have been on vacation the last week and I am on vacation through Wednesday but even before my vacation I was writing two thousand words a day during the month of November.

The question for myself then becomes: Am I willing to sacrifice up to six hours a day to a craft that I will probably never make money at?

To answer a question with a question: Who cares?

If I am enjoying myself and if when a project is done a couple of people, even if they are friends get enjoyment out of it, then it is time well spent in my book.

I’m not writing to become rich and famous, I write because I feel I have stories to tell that I think others might enjoy.

Although the whole rich and famous thing, I certainly wouldn’t turn down.

Words today: 1794

Words total: 30,014



2 thoughts on “Day 16 NaNoWriMo 15

  1. Isn’t anything we love and devote ourselves to a question of what we give up to pursue it? I have a friend who regularly laments that when he focuses on his business it thrives while his relationship with his wife suffers, and when he then focuses on meeting the needs of his marriage the business suffers, in a constant Yo-yo. It doesn’t mean he does not love and value both, just that he does not have the resources to devote to both and succeed at both simultaneously.

  2. I don’t think every writer can feasibly give six hours a day to reading and writing. But even an hour a day for each is usually doable, and a great deal of progress can come from that. Even thirty minutes a day will yield results. It will just take longer to get there. So much patience is required in this game, isn’t it? 🙂

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