Day 15 NaNoWriMo 15

OK, so I had what looks to be a super slow day with my word count, that’s true. On  the other hand, I had a really great day as far as taking notes for story development.

I guess that’s a wash?

It’s one of those days that I ask myself, “What lies beyond NaNo 15?” I could just write for the thirty days of November and that really would be a real accomplishment.

Or I could take the whole thing to the next level. I could take my novel a whole lot more seriously. I think I have an interesting story to tell. I like the way the characters are developing and I really like the story arc so far. If I put a good deal more effort into this project I think I could really make something out of it.

I have two people that write and blog that have been a huge inspiration to me, Namely Carrie Rubin and Aetherhouse, I hope I have helped them a fraction of what they have helped me. The words of encouragement that I have gotten from them have kept me writing. It is also a huge inspiration to know that Carrie Rubin has just released her second novel and Aetherhouse is deep in the thick of publishing her first.

But as for me, it’s my plan to heed Stephen King’s advice and read & write a total of four to six hours a day throughout the future. And that means beyond NaNoWriMo.

Something hit  me this year. I have decided to focus on being a writer and work toward the ends of being published.

Sure there is a lot I will have to give up; time with friends, social activities, gaming, hobbies and that is just to name a few.

But here is the crux: It feels right to be at a keyboard, telling stories.

Will I every make it to the Big-Time, a superstar author with huge advances and book signing events? Dunno.

But for me that’s not the point. For me, the point has become to enjoy telling a  story. A really good one if I’m lucky. And to enjoy the process of making that story.

Maybe I’ll get the chance to thank Stephen King in person for the inspiration, but there are those that are a lot closer (even if in a digital sense) that have been amazing help and guidance.  and so with that in mind:

thank you

words today: 1115

words total:28,220


4 thoughts on “Day 15 NaNoWriMo 15

  1. It really is about putting the time in, isn’t it? It’s sitting down in front of that keyboard even when we’d rather walk on nails barefoot than open up our manuscript. It’s sitting in front of the keyboard even when we’re sure no words will come out. Because they will. They may not be great words, but crappy writing can always be edited. A blank page cannot.

    Thank you so much for the mention! I’m thrilled to know I might serve as a source of inspiration. You’re very kind to say so. 🙂

  2. I’m humbled to know that I inspire you 🙂 I’ve also had similar mullings recently. If I wrote just 1000 words a day, that’s 366,000 words next year! That’s multiple novels, dozens of short stories, even words for revision. True, it is possible to get burnt out if you push yourself too hard (I wrote 3200 words/day for NaNo once. That was really hard and not sustainable). But we are writers, and this is what we LOVE, even when it’s the last thing we want to do. I would love to spend 4-6 hours a day bettering my skills, getting myself closer to publication, getting myself closer to my ideal self and dream life. Today I can say that you’ve inspired me 🙂

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