Day 11 NaNoWriMo 15

I wrote my 2000 words for the day and seeing as I accomplished this earlier than normal I may go back and add more.

One thing that I have noticed today as i look over my hundred pages of double spaced manuscript, there is a lot of work to be done. I realize that I have been plowing through this without regard to grammatical errors, misspellings and something sin-tax.

I have resigned myself that the first task at hand, when the first draft is completed will be the removal of many squiggly blue and red lines that are decorating the pages.

After that I’ll start to tackle the issues with the actual story.

And now a huge shout out to Jenna Moreci for the amazingly fantastic advice for writers (and the funny and quirky was she presents it!) I just want her to know how much it is appreciated and how much it helps.

I hope all of my fellow NaNo-ers are doing well in their writing endeavors!

Words today:2044

Words total:21,159


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