Day 8 NaNoWriNo 15

So I am a day late in getting this posted.

I got a late start writing yesterday, or I should say getting a restart writing. I took a few hours away from the writing aspect to do some research sort of on the fly. And to have dinner with my wife which I haven’t done in eight days. I thought it would be a nice change. So by the time I was finished with my self imposed daily word count goal, it was later than I wanted to be up. So this post was put off for the sake of getting up earlier today.

But while doing a quick review of what I have written so far I found one major flaw. The story was becoming less action driven and more dialogue driven. Not a good direction to be headed for a steampunk novel. Victorian character study, maybe, but not steampunk. Alas, that is nothing that can’t be fixed from this point forward and the egregious error fixed in the first rewrite.

So today is the first official day of my writing vacation, it is eight o’clock (and yes- AM), I have coffee in hand and this is about to be posted, albeit a day late.

So to all my fellow NaNo-ers: Lets keep doing this thing!

Words for the day: 2216

Total word count: 15,250


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