Day 3 NaNoWriMo 2015

Another two thousand words done. I’m really getting into this “fast draft”  form of writing. Thanks Kristen Lamb for the awesome advice of charging ahead and not looking back. At least until it come to revision time. *thumbs up*

I have a friend that is a marathon runner and the best advice I ever got from her was just watching her put in the effort to train and reach the finish line. (Thanks AnnMarie, you’re awesome!)

I would have never have thought that I could be writing two thousand words a day and work full time if I hadn’t been told I can do it and it’s worth pushing yourself for.

I’m going to bed now for what I think is a well deserved sleep.

Good might everyone in #NaNoWriMo land

total word count so far: 6067


3 thoughts on “Day 3 NaNoWriMo 2015

  1. Awesome pace! Even if you stopped today, you’d still have 6000 words in the can and that is an awesome start to a project.

    But I know you won’t quit today or tomorrow. You’re gonna have a full novel by the end of this 😀

    • A full novel is the plan! I took a weeks and half of vacation that starts Friday for the purpose of working on NaNo. I think those are vacation days well spent.

      What’s the latest on Paradisa?

      • I took a week off in September but didn’t get much done (I think I wrote about 9000 words, which I guess isn’t bad, but I think I wanted more like 18,000). Hopefully you have good results! And everyone needs a break now and again.

        Still in beta. No responses yet. I’m sure this group will have a lot of last minute responders, no shows, late responders, etc since many are grad students. I do wish at least 2-3 wouldn’t wait so long, because I could be working on a reoutline now if I got some feedback. Getting all the feedback at once might be kinda overwhelming. Alas. Beggers can’t be choosers!

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