I thought I was doing well tonight. I was rewriting some notes that I had taken for my novel during work and revising them. Writing them into my project notebook. Those Ideas even inspired me to have a few new ideas.

And then…

I thought I would print out some of the research articles that I would need, boiler technology at the turn of the 20th century, Mary Harris Jones, 1920’s steam locomotives; all these great pieces of research that I could use. No problem, I’ll print them up then when I get the chance , tomorrow at work or in the very near future, I’ll read through them and highlight what is pertinent. No Prob.

Big prob.

Printer’s out of ink.

No prob,

I’ll just get another cartridge.

Big prob.

Best Buy, Staples, Office Max… Nope.

So that put an end to novel productivity tonight. *grrrrrr*

Tomorrow I will try Cartridge World and if that doesn’t work… *whimpers slightly*

Built in obsolescence is one thing, but hey! Here is a creative type on a role, but for the want of a nail

Not to fear, I will come up with something and my project will be saved!

Sleep well everyone.


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