Announcing My New Novel Project!

Tonight I announced my novel project on the NaNoWriMo site. I am very excited about this one. Here is the synopsis that I posted to my NaNo page:

Requiem For a Laborer” is a steampunk/ alt history novel set in the United States during the Industrial Revolution and the subsequent rise of labor movement.

Joel Thompson Woodcock is a displaced worker from the Chicago Boiler Works along Lake Michigan that supplies steam to the city. Mechanical automation has made his job as a fire tender redundant so the works sent him unceremoniously walking. As he bides his time in the Bowery moving from one menial job to another, he looks to find a renewed purpose in life.

This is when he learns of Mother Jones and of her fight for the working man, who is willing to fight for himself and his working brothers and sisters. This could be Joel’s time to transcend his place, or be crushed under the wheel, that is  if he’s wrong.

This story combines many of the things I am passionate about about.; history, steampunk, the cause of labor and of working people.

I’m really excited about making it through not only the first NaNo draft, but seeing this book through to publication.

For my fellow NaNo writers, let’s kick this years projects right in the nether regions!

Best of luck all!

BTW, a HUGE “T!hank you” to Aetherhouse for the support and encouragement she has shown me!


One thought on “Announcing My New Novel Project!

  1. No problem 🙂 This sounds very unique. I don’t think many people put Steampunk quite in the industrial America setting (usually it’s in Victorian England, which may be the same time period, but veryyyyy different in tone). I unfortunately can’t participate in NaNo this year, as I’m really winding down Paradisa and have pushed my next novel draft to be done January-March. But I think NaNo is great and hope you have great luck with it!

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