Course Change Ahead!

So I’ve shelved another novel idea for what I think is a better one.

I’m going to embrace the whole steampunk idea and couple it with alternative history from America’s late industrial revolution period. I’m also entertaining the idea of incorporating real people from history but changing their histories to fit the story line. Funny what happens what happens when one gets bored at work.

But again I ask myself the question, “How much of myself, my own ideology do I include?”

I don’t want to turn off potential readers, after all.

But then again, it the story is very well written, and authorial message will be subtle and perhaps not even noticed on a conscious level. The story will still be enjoyed by the reader. Vonnegiut was a master of that.

So here I go headed in a new direction. I just hope I have enough background ready by the start of NaNoWriMo.


4 thoughts on “Course Change Ahead!

  1. I think the industrial revolution is a great setting for you. I know some of your worldview, coupled with the fact that you work in a factory, and I think you have good authority to speak about that environment. Luckily, most people agree that working conditions, etc, during that time were terrible, so you don’t have to pull back too much of your ideology. I think books only become preachy when they push a message of “X is how the world should be NOW”.

  2. Thanks, Michelle. There really is a trick to finding something one is passionate about and has the background/ knowledge to write a great story with a degree of credibility.

    That’s what I’m aiming at at least..

    How are things going with Paradisa? I admit, I’m looking forward to reading it, when I g the chance.

    • Ah, the beta round should be starting this week (I have 11 betas this time! :O A bit more than I anticipated, haha). I have about 50 more pages of line edits, a quick read through, and hopefully the PDF versions will be out the door on Thursday. And then I’ll have a whole month to finally focus on other things while my betas do all the work! Yay!

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