On The Importance Of Notebooks…

…at least for me.

I come up with some pretty kickin’ ideas sometimes. Plot ideas/ twists, characters and their foibles, settings and the details thereof; all-in-all some pretty solid, workable ideas. Then I write them down- immediately, either in the pocket notebook I habitually carry with me or on any nearby piece of paper that I deem as “scrap.”

“Sorry, Mr. Supervisor, I didn’t realize that THOSE were my written instructions for this job. But you see, I had this idea for the book I’m writing and if i didn’t get it down on paper…

“,,,yes, I’ll print up another copy right away.”

For you see, I have a problem. It is called “ADOS

Attention Deficit- Oooo Shiny!

It’s why I keep a little notebook with me at all times. In case you are wondering, I sometimes DO write out notes on job paperwork. Hey, it has a blank side!

From there it usually goes into my pocket notebook or my reporters’ notebook and into the project notebook.


These are real gems with hard covers and spaced lines. they might be hard to come across but they are the best when compiling ideas for a novel. Or at least keeping them within ninety pages of one another. Yes, I do realize that this system is not very efficient due to the multiple times of rewriting the same notes/ ideas/  scribbles but it is a system (in a loose sense of the word).

Since when were creative types shackled by “systems’ anyway? *defiantly crosses arms- humph!”

So I want to ask the readers of this piece, “How do you hold on to and organize idea?” I can’t be the only person that has five or six notebooks and a folder stuffed with ideas for an ongoing project.

Seriously, am I the only one?


5 thoughts on “On The Importance Of Notebooks…

  1. You are not alone. I have notebooks for jotting ideas down, but I also have scattered sticky notes all over the place serving the same purpose. And if I’m lacking a paper and pen? That doesn’t stop me. I just record it in my phone. Despite the unorganized mess, my system manages to work for me. So far…

  2. I have one notebook for “the ideas” but if I have specific ideas for specific projects than I use that designated notebook. I’m pretty good about only focusing my mind on 2-3 projects at a time, and the rest lay dormant in the book, to be approached later. But whenever I have that “you know, it’d be cool if there was a book where X happens” idea, it goes in the plot bunny book.

    I’m a notebook addict across the board. A new pen and a fresh notebook bring me unrivaled joy lol.

    • I have a plot bunny book. I wrote a couple of ideas in it but then when I looked in it a week or so later there was ten or twelve bunnies, but that was a couple of… months…. ago… OMG! NOOOOOO!!! Be right back!

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