NaNoWriMo and Finding Time to Write

I seem to have a problem when it comes to my writing. I am most creative in the morning but the hours I work in job I have that pays the bills has me working from seven AM to three PM. When I am done with my factory job and I get home from work, I really don’t feel like doing much creatively.

So I have to find some means of motivating myself to do exactly that: Write. Like this little blog post. I’m tired. I’ve been up since before four this morning due to having been forced to work a six hour overtime shift. I know this isn’t much and I hope it’s not coming across as whining. It is however, a means of getting the creative juices flowing just being able to get these words on the screen.

Along with that I’m still trying to settle on a novel for National Novel Writing Month. I’m kicking around the idea of a fantasy story but I’m a little intimidated by the notion of how much of a new world I would or should create. I also am still considering working on a dystopian work that I have a pile of notes for, but seems to be lacking a reasonable story arc. At least with that possibility I have the setting nailed down. In my notes I have the setting as Oshkosh, Wisconsin, strangely enough the home of the college I graduated from, the University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh. Go Titans!! Included in that story is the setting of a small rural area just south of the city where some of the cast-outs of society have formed a community. That just happens to be a small factory complex. The problem with that though, is I’m afraid that that sounds too cliche’.

The other possibility is having to create a world pretty much from scratch and that sounds like an all too daunting task, given the time I have available and the amount of effort that that task would entail. I have some background notes made but not nearly to the extent of my other possibility. It does strike me that this route could be more rewarding due to the creative effort involved of world building, creating a history and current events and how all of those would frame a protagonist and how that person would fit into society as a whole.

That’s where things stand with my NaNo project at this time. Now if I could just find a quiet place to hide for awhile.



3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo and Finding Time to Write

  1. I always admire those of you who create new worlds in your writing. Must require a lot of notes and a good memory to keep things consistent, especially for those who write series. Good luck with whichever way you choose to go!

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