What to do… what to do…

So I have this particular blog that desperately needs my attention, NaNoWriMo coming up next month and a whole big jumble of ideas, all of which are completely flummoxed  by a not so small upheaval in my personal life. Not to mention management at the place where I work has decided it seems like a grand idea to take the notion of “Do more with less” to the bonkers extreme.

Trying desperately to keep things  under control is a best  a monumental challenge and at worst an exercise in self-induced insanity.

So I have decided to go the Nutsy Fagan route and do the impossible:

I’m going to set aside reality as much as I can and concentrate on a bunch of imaginary people, doing imaginary things, in places that don’t exist.

Well now, put in terms like that, it doesn’t sound all that whacked. Does it? I’m feeling much better already.  *happy sigh*

But for me, in my upcoming projects,much of the trouble is deciding how much of my personal life do I allow to leach into my writing when I am looking to write a fantasy (or far that matter any) novel. I guess I can best find out by personal experience. That is unless some of you out there have any advice to give. I’m willing to listen to anyone.


One thought on “What to do… what to do…

  1. Sometimes you have to tell the world “do not touch me for the next three weeks” and then go on a huge productivity binge. That’s especially hard during the most wonderful time of the year, though! There’s so much to do during the holidays/fall in general.

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