Meh… So I Didn’t Win NaNo (this year)

Yeah, I didn’t win. Oh Well, It wasn’t for lack of trying.

Things were going along rather well, or so I thought and then I found what I thought was a major plot-hole. This resulted in much frustration (temporarily). Not good. So I had a choice to make.

Rewrite what I had done and fix the issue (and I had at the time a good idea as how to fix it) or, push ahead and fix things on the second time around.

anime tired

What I did was probably wrong, but I went back to fix this issue at hand.

Ya see, here’s the thing; what I was thinking was that if I didn’t correct that was wrong I would have to go back and fix a great deal more of the novel because of how a character that was supposed to be minor became more and more involved with the primary plot arc. I’m still making corrections, but things are beginning to flow again.

I know, I know… The best advice is to keep going and edit later. Keep the creativity flowing and you will come up with your best ideas. At least that is my take away from Kristen Lamb’s blog. But, ya know, I felt “ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.”

Such is the problems of writing in stream of consciousness. I wonder if Faulkner had this issue?

How did anybody else ever fix a plot hole? Do you do a complete first draft even though you know it will take a “strip it it the bottom floor rewrite”? Do you go on and finish anyway? Let me know, I’m really interested in learning how others tackle this problem.


3 thoughts on “Meh… So I Didn’t Win NaNo (this year)

  1. I always do a draft, first. With any writing, it will always need a strip down, to greater or lesser degree depending on the subject being written about. It’s an unavoidable part of the process 🙂

  2. If it’s a major plot hole, I would probably take a look at my outline and see how much I truly have to change. If it would send the rest of the novel on a tailspin, I would either 1) rewrite the plot hole part and finish the novel from there or, more likely, 2) complete the rest of the novel with the assumption that my plot hole had been fixed.

    It’s pretty frequent for me to change stuff in the middle of the book, and instead of going back and fixing it from the start, I just take that stance from that point on in the novel.

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