NaNoWriMo the Several-eth

It was slow going for a few days on my NaNoWriMo project North of the Fox.

I’m so glad I took a week of vacation to work on the damned thing.

Wow, maybe I bit off a little too much by wanting to write a dystopian novel, but when things are going right they seem to go really right.

I pumped out over 3000 words today and I am looking forward to giving the brain a rest for the evening.

I’m wondering if many other people are having the same trouble of keeping plot elements, character arcs, main plot and sub plot straight. Even with notes it’s… Oh Brother!

And a shout out to Aetherhouse: Here’s hoping your con went off without a hitch and that your novel starts behaving itself. Oy! How busy can one person try to be?

So now I think it might be time for dinner and a beer (good beer, not crappy beer) or two and to watch something comical on tv.


One thought on “NaNoWriMo the Several-eth

  1. Glad to hear your vacation was productive! And heh, yes, I am quite busy. The con went very well, although I’ve shelved the novel for now. Alas. More on that if I can find time to post today. (If it makes you feel better, I’ve reoriented myself to focus on Paradisa again though 😛 So I’m still writing! Hope to get that draft finished by January 1).

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