NaNo Update the Fifth


Yes as it has worked out today, I have worked through a potentially  catastrophic spot where I seemed at first to have written myself into a corner. But as it turns out…


I took a North of the Fox in a slightly new direction that has added depth to the novel and developed the protagonist now  more fully. Through it all I wrote nearly three thousand words. I’m still managing to keep everything on plan.

I love it when things work out for the best. Bwa Ha Ha Ha

Tomorrow if all goes well I should be up at a decent time, say about 8:00 and soon after banging on these drums all day um I mean this keyboard for a few hours.

One huge help for me personally has been Kristen Lamb‘s blog. Thanks Kristen for the inspirational advice!

And a huge thanks to NaNoWriMo and the writing pep talks the organization had been providing.

I hope all is going well with Aether House  (and her novel Figments!),  my official writing buddy and another source of inspiration.

My Goal for tomorrow is to have 10 to 11 thousand words done in total. We will have to see how far I get but my fingers are crossed.




3 thoughts on “NaNo Update the Fifth

  1. I have literally been banging on the drums all day 😛 I got a Wii Rock Band drum set for an absolute steal on Saturday, and have been training on it to build up my hand/eye/foot/rhythm coordination. So…still art, I guess, but not writing 😛

    TBH I’m kind of hiatus-ing my NaNoWriMo this week because it’s going to be so busy. I think I can catch up in the second half of the month. The book is sort of ‘eh’ to me at the moment, in that I might not actually be passionate enough about it to stick with it for the long haul. I’m only 7,000 words in and I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either. Hope things are going better with you! Seems like you’ve wiggled your way out of some tough spots.

    • I decided to take a day off the book today too.

      I’ll bet you’re busy! Don’t you have a con coming up soon? I sure there is much costuming to be done. You truly have many talents.

      I hope you can come up with a creative way out of your doldrums for your book. I like its premise and I hope i get a chance to read it someday.

      And above all I’m still cheering you on.

      Hope your week goes well

      • I do have a con this week! But I’m not costuming for it – I’m RUNNING it, ha! My mother and I put on AtomaCon and it makes for an exhausting weekend. I took a huge chunk of time last night and actually worked on a video montage for our opening ceremonies. I wear many hats 😛

        I hope so too. I think I may write a post sometime this week about “ideas worth sticking with.” Might help me work some of this out. It does make me feel inspired to know I have a fan in you 🙂

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