NaNo Update the Fourth

What a difference a day makes.

I am feeling much better and much more rested today!

After managing to scratch out another couple pages of notes for my novel today at work, I took the time and used the energy gained form a great night’s sleep to start the second chapter of my novel and get about 1200 words into it.

That said, I’m still planning to write about 800-900 words a day that I have to work and at least 3000 words on days that I have off.

That includes the week of vacation I scheduled the week before Thanksgiving Week.  Woo hoo! Nine days of the joy and challenge of writing. And yes, if you are wondering, that is the sole reason I took off that week.

Best of luck to all NaNoWriMo writers!



One thought on “NaNo Update the Fourth

  1. Yay for feeling better!

    You know, my plan is pretty much the same. I should average about 1000 words on weekdays, and 3000-4000 on days off. I’m trying to keep writing 100 words more than I did the previous day, but I think it’s gonna average out to about 1000. At that rate, I’ll get to 40,000 words. And I’m sure I can kick in the afterburners towards the end to get to 50k 😛

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