NaNo Update the Second

First a HUGE thank you to aetherhouse for the wonderful shout out. It is much appreciated.

What a wild and fantastic weekend! I went to Minneapolis with the sweetest partner ever for a steampunk event, namely 13 Gears. I was amazed seeing a crowd of great people with the same interests in fictive alternative history as myself and scored a really cool steampunk hat.

20141026_210653 20141025_204223

The headline band was The Langer’s Ball who never disappoints. If you ever get the chance to see this great group play, it’s well worth it.

After that was a called in order to a favorite restaurant and dinner by (bon)firelight.

So now on the update.

I’ve found a couple pages of notes that I misplaced/ lost earlier, but not all. Now during the upcoming week I will just have to create/ recreate my novel’s outline. I’m still very upbeat about the challenge that is NaNoWriMo and to be honest I am nervous/ excited about what it all entails.

I have a previous commitment to give a social media how-to for the professional organization that I volunteer for, during the first weekend in November but even with that accounted for I feel that I can write 3000-3500 words a day during the week’s vacation that I took off my factory job. The same goes for my normal days off and the long holiday weekend. If my math serves me correctly that leaves less than 1000 words a day during the work days.

Difficult yes, but I was also one of those strange people that went to college full time while working full time. In case you’re wondering that leaves part time sleep. Social life? Forgeddaboutit. Incidentally, I wouldn’t recommend this school schedule for anyone but I am personally glad I did it.

So here is the long and short: I have a goal for the warm-up week to NaNo and more importantly I think I have workable daily and weekly word count goals. There is also the intention to keep at least weekly updates here to keep you posted.

Hope all is going well for my fellow NaNo participants. Let’s do this thing!


One thought on “NaNo Update the Second

  1. One thing I’ve learned about juggling multiple activities is “work, hobbies, sleep: pick two!”

    Glad you found your NaNo notes. I’ve gotten REALLY behind on the outline I was working on, because I got stuck, so I’m forcing myself to push out the rest of it by November 1st. Eek! I’ll find a way to make it work though, even if my 50k+ words is achieved by rambling, haha.

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