NaNo Update the First

So just when I think I am getting things together to participate in NaNoWriMo, I seem to have misplaced many of my notes for character development, plot arcs, etc.

I have my early notes so all is not lost. The funny part is, I’m not really all that upset; disappointed maybe, but not upset.

I’ve been looking forward to NaNo starting November first thinking it might be best to have a solid outline and notes to work from but this could be better, yes? An exercise in stream of consciousness, maybe?

I would be lying to say this isn’t a setback, but what the hell. I will just have to see what develops from this point.

Wishing all of my fellow participants the best of luck starting November 1st. Let’s do this thing.


2 thoughts on “NaNo Update the First

  1. Oh noes! That’s frustrating. Have you tried any mindmapping cloud software? I haven’t, because I’m old school, but it might be a good way to ensure that notes stick around.

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