Working 7-3

One of the greatest challenges I have in my writing is the hours I work to pay the bills. I have a factory job that I have to commit forty to forty eight hours a week to. This while looking for work in corporate communications and pursuing my love of writing. Oi! It’s safe to say that my plate is full.

But ya know what? It’s worth it.

Yes, I do wish that I had more time to devote to my novel and blog, but the challenge of keeping all those balls in the air makes the accomplishment all the more sweeter. I do envy people that have the time to devote half of their working time to their creative side. I know my writing suffers from being attacked in fits and snatches, but this is my doing and I appreciate it.

So back to the factory job and here’s the best part; I get almost no end of inspiration from my coworkers.  They are a funny, quirky, odd, conservative group, while a good number of them are high school drop-outs. They seem, for the most part to love professional football (as do I), love NASCAR races (which I loathe), deer hunting, and some of their deepest conversations during lunch concern the flavor of yogurt that they are having. I could get into some of the other odd-ness, but I think I’ll save that for later.

On the other hand there is myself; degree in journalism (emphasis: corp comm) and a minor in English (emphasis: lit crit & theory). I try to keep everything in perspective. I’m not superior, just developed a different skill set. And there are a number of people like Barb, my friend more than coworker, who is an immensely talented painter and who’s work I love. She and I have had fantastic conversations lately that show, at least to me, how alike we really are, among others.

So, as I sit here between end of work day and bedtime, I’m off and running with my writing. For now.

I’d like to know how others’ writing day goes. Let me know.




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