I’ve been asking myself, “Why do I write?” It’s not an easy exercise. It can take a lot of effort and time. Most people that see it will say, “So what?”

So I have been thinking about why I write, both here and the early stages of a novel that’s been knocking around my noggin.

And the simple answer is, ” I do it for me.” Yeah, that may seem like a cop-out but it really is a lot more complicated than that simple answer. I write as an outlet from my overly simplistic factory job. It’s mental exercise where I get none; a creative outlet when I have no chance to be creative.

Ok, before this starts to sound like self indulgent drivel, I love to write. Sometime I look back— What the hell was I thinking but for the most part I see my writing improving the more I do it.

Another thing that I find inspirational are the blogs of other writers, both accomplished and just starting. Blogs like, Cherie Priest (, Adventures in Writing ( and Jodie Llewellyn ( These people are a great help to me and huge “Thank you” to them all.

Wishing everyone pleasant reading.



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