Holiday Weekend.

It has been a long week, hasn’t it? I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and not worrying about my factory job. And that is after a renewed commitment to writing something every day. Here or on my novel or something technical for the professional organization I volunteer for, something every day dammit!

Looking forward to sleeping in, getting two backlogged  posts completed for my little corner of the web here and hopefully something outside between bouts of rainstorms.

Enjoy yourselves this weekend and happy Labor Day.



Morning Quiet

I am sitting here in the soft dawn light having my morning coffee before getting off to the drudgery of my factory job. Watching the storm clouds against the pine trees roll away as the morning sun melts color into the sky, I am content. I will appreciate this moment all day and breathe deeply enjoying rejuvenating  sleep with my significant other . In moments like this life is beautiful… and wondrous. Peace to all today.

Going Steampunk

I was visiting my former English professor, Alayne Peterson, earlier this summer and we were talking about what we had been reading and it suddenly struck me that for months I had been reading mostly heavy Victorian lit. I asked her for some suggestions of something lighter and well… Fun!

Her idea was that I pick up Cherie Priest’s Clockwork Century series.

Brilliant suggestion, Alayne, Brilliant.

Cherie Priest

Cheri Priest

Priest’s steampunk series is set in America in the 1800’s where the Civil War is grinding on into its second decade. airships are a more common form of transport than trains, and zombies have taken over areas of some cities. Now to be honest, I wasn’t too big on the idea of zombies. I feel that the whole zombie thing is a meme that has been so overdone that in most cases it’s worthy of ridicule. Most but not all, and Boneshaker, the first of the series, is one of those “not all’s”.

Set in Seattle, the novel spins the story of a mother, Briar Wilkes, determined to shield her son, Zeke, from the family history and Zeke just as determined to uncover it and set the story straight if necessary. The zombies in this book are used extremely well as a plot device and not as the central theme. Well done, Cherie! A fantastic read and I am looking forward to reading Clementine,  the second book in the series.

As a Side Note…


Why has much of society given up on reading? Is it because most people have become intellectually lazy? Is video on demand that much easier than lifting up a book or e-reader? I, myself love starting and finishing my day by enjoying at least for a few minutes… at very least. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-TV, but personally I feel like I have missed something when I haven’t read for the pleasure of reading.