Happy Anniversary, Doctor!

From its humble beginnings first broadcast November 23rd, 1963, Dr. Who has become one of the world’s best loved science fiction series. As heroes go, The Doctor is my favorites. There are so many reasons as to why and it’s impossible for me to say which one is most important.


Its also the only television show that has successfully changed lead actors and and the change has not only refrained from detracting from the program but in an awesome and awe inspiring way adds to the story. When the actor David Tennant, playing the tenth incarnation of the Doctor made his exit and Matt Smith made his entrance as the eleventh, the extension of the story line was at the same time both poignant and comical. A tall order filled by the amazing work of the series writers. But that is nothing out of the ordinary for the  crew of Dr. Who. Now the show is on the cusp of making the transition away from Matt Smith and I’m looking looking forward to how that has been written.

But getting back to the things I love love most about Dr. Who is this:

Yes the writing is fantastic, the ensemble of actors is extremely talented, all the technical aspects are beyond belief; all of these things are true. We are living in a time when we are divided religiously, politically and socially. We are fearful of our economic future. I live in a generation that is the first in American history to be less well off than our parents. But when watching the Doctor in all his adventures and exploits through all of time and space in his ship called the TARDIS with his friends and companions, defeating aliens and monsters and all of this not through force but through out thinking them. In the end the Doctor makes most things right. Most, because he’s not perfect. He is flawed, with a dark history. He still tries to do his best for humanity. So in that respect the greatest gift that the series Dr. Who gives me is this: Hope for our future.


“Hasn’t you mother ever told you not to get into a spaceship with a madman?” – The Doctor